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Re: tab-width (was: commit: ldap/servers/slapd backend.c bconfig.c proto-slap.h)

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
>> Just noticed your indentation...  Note that OpenLDAP code looks
>> best when edited and displayed with tab-width 4, not 8.
> I've used a width of 8 since 1999, and it looked just fine since then :)

Including <whitespace> <text> <TABs> <text> lines - i.e. declarations,
and comments following code?  To me these generally look better lined up
with tab-with 4, though it does vary.  Also tab-width 8 makes a lot more
lines run past 80 chars:-(

Anyway, it helps a lot when we make sure to start lines with tabs and
not spaces, then most indentation works either way.

How do people feel about converting the entire OpenLDAP code to
tab-width 8, indentation 4?  Either now or in pre-2.5 HEAD?
Or for that matter to change the code style to something 'indent'
can produce?