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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-perl SampleLDAP.pm

I wrote:
>Gavin Henry writes:
>> I've run Perl::Critic over this and fixed/updated to latest "Perl Best
>> Practices". We might as well have an up to date sample.
>> Do you mind if I commit my changes?
> My impression is that back-perl hovers on the verge of code rot, and any
> change is likely for the better.

Er... not this one, though:-(  Our Perl version (5.8.8) interprets
    print <STDERR>, "Here in new\n";
as "read data from STDERR, then print that and the argument string to
STDOUT".  Is this some bleeding edge change to Perl?

Also I think the initial 'package' and 'use' statements should go below
the comment at the top, and I'm not sure how new the "our" keyword is.
I suspect there are some pretty old Perl versions out there, in
particular on Windows.