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Re: Necessity of new control ...

Elier Delgado wrote:

> I'm using OpenLdap and I want not desist .. but I need get random entries
> from a search result or a list ..
> I was reading and this could be implemented by a control, what you think ?
> Like paged control result, it most efficient that this functionality reside
> on the server, but maybe you think that it not necessary .. or inefficient
> If you agree I can develop it, with your help because I'm not familiarized
> neither a little ...
> The problem it's that I'm very hurried, this is a critical issue that I
> need
> solve to continues with the system that I'm designing ..otherwise I will
> need replicate some data to SQL ...
> Will be complicated develop this control ?

I note that hurry, criticality of issues and null familiarity with a
solution cope quite poorly.  In any case, controls implementation rather
belong to openldap-software, as being LDAP an extensible language, all
you need is exploit the client and the server APIs.  So please, direct
further discussion to the openldap-software list.

As far as I can tell, your real issue is that it's not entirely clear
what you need.  In such case, I'd recommend you to seek the assistance
of expert advice.  I mean: professional advice.


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