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Re: access ... by certificate=...

Howard Chu writes:
> Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Could we add an 'access ... by' variant for the client's TLS
>> certificate, _without_ Bind:SASL/EXTERNAL?
>> (To the cert's DN, I expect, but I don't know much about
>> certificates.  Maybe there are other things to look at as well.)
>> That could be used to authenticate a service (an LDAP client)
>> rather than the user it Binds as, when the service asks the user
>> for password and Binds with his DN and password.
>> (...)
> This sounds like a special case of proxy authorization. Can't you just
> use that?

Not that I can see.  man slapd.conf says under authz-policy:
    Proxy authorization (...) essentially allows user A
    to login as user B, using user A's password.
But I want the service to authenticate the user with his own
credentials and identify itself with its credentials, and use
both identities for access control in a single access statement.

A more general description would be, grant access based on the
DN which would be used if the client were to do Bind:SASL/EXTERNAL,
or possibly the DN which would be passed to authz-regexp.

access to ...  by self extdn=<certificate's DN> write  by * read