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Funding proposal for OpenLDAP Build Farm

Dear All,

I've mentioned this in passing to Howard and he was going to have a wee
chat with the Samba guys at SambaXP about theirs:


So I popped into #samba-technical and asked about setting the above up.
Few guys asked what for, and Jeremy Allison (http://samba.org/~jra/ and
Google, in case you didn't know ;-) ) asked me to ping him a serious
funding proposal:

<snip irc>

<wanon> did someone ask for money.... ?
<ghenry> wanon: got some? ;-)
<wanon> This is OpenLDAP right ?
<ghenry> yup
<wanon> put a proposal togther. A *serious* one, and mail it to me.
<ghenry> wanon: Will do
<ghenry> wanon: Tips?
<ghenry> wanon: Should I google for your address? ;-)
<ghenry> heh
<wanon> Ask for a concrete amount, and give explicit reasons why you want it.
<ghenry> Business plan? Or one pager?
<wanon> One pager to start.
<ghenry> Ok. Google funding, correct?
<ghenry> excuse me if I should know, sorry
<wanon> yep
<ghenry> would you be kind enough to msg me your e-mail?
<wanon> just google for it.
<ghenry> heh, ok
<wanon> or use my samba.org address
* abartlet remembers the days when we didn't know who wanon was :-)
<ghenry> So, funding proposal for OpenLDAP Build Farm. Thanks wanon
<ghenry> going to post to openldap-devel then go from there with rest of
team. thanks again all (abartlet wanon)
<wanon> ok, works for me !

So, can we put a serious one together and get a build farm!



Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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F +44 (0) 1224 824887
E ghenry@suretecsystems.com

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