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Re: (ITS#4879) URL parse/unparse troubles

Howard Chu writes:
> It's almost aggravating enough to make me switch to pure DAP and leave
> all of this cruft behind. Mebbe it's time to add a config switch
> somewhere to set all of slapd and the libraries to default to
> DCE/X.500 format DNs, and define a new "xdap" URL scheme to go with
> it.

DNs aren't special in that regard, DAP transfers everything else as BER
or whatever rather than text too.  So a new URL scheme and a new port
should suffice as the (user-visible) switch.  The matter of internal
representation could get rather more interesting, of course.  I don't
know what it'd look like on the server side.  But DAP is sufficiently
different from LDAP - e.g. with error codes - that I think on the
library side it would make more sense to create a new DAP library, and
then maybe make LDAP an add-on to that.