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back-config and slapadd


I am currently trying to initialize the back-config database by slapadd-ing  
a small ldif-File (based on the slapd.ldif from CVS HEAD). However I ran into 
various issues with regard to the ordering of the different database objects 
and it unclear to me how exactly this is supposed to work.
The sample slapd.ldif from CVS does not contain any ordering information 
(the "{digit}" string). It can be slapadd-ed it with out any problem. But 
after starting slapd (or any slaptool) I see some strange effects, e.g. I 
suddenly have two frontend-databases in back-config (one with index -1 and 
the other without any index).
In order to try to fix this I'd like to find out how slapadd-ing back-config 
databases is supposed to work.

1. Should slapadd work with LDIF files that do not have any ordering numbers 
for the databases in them?

2. Should slapadd work with LDIF files that does not explicitly contain the 
mandatory cn=frontend and cn=config databases?

I'd assume yes as the answer for both questions. The current code however 
shows all kinds of weird behaviour with regard to both points and I'd like to 
fix that.