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Re: filter preprocessing for performance improvement

Howard Chu wrote:

OK, so you want to prevent candidate generation to occur for filter terms which might result in large candidate sets. First of all, assuming that that's even a valid thing to do (noting your issues listed above) I would just define a new limit analogous to sizelimit.unchecked, and skip the probability guessing games. E.g. sizelimit.intermediate which would be checked at intermediate stages of filter evaluation. That would render sizelimit.unchecked moot.

The implementation would apply this limit to each individual filter term lookup, and fail with ADMINLIMIT_EXCEEDED when any term exceeds the limit.
In practice I think this will cause a lot of harm though; it will cause ANDed filters to fail that would otherwise come in under the unchecked limit.

No, not to each filter term: that's the naive (wrong :) way to do it. I'd apply it to the result of the speculation. Each filter term would contribute to computing the final score, which determines if the limit (let's say the action) applies or not.

I'm not saying I want to implement anything like that. I'm saying that's how I'd design a filter analyzer. Actually, that's how we designed it for a slightly different, and much more deterministic problem: detect when a composite filter complies with a certain, very well defined paradigm; sort of:

	assuming there's a deterministic way to determine when
	a simple filter complies with a certain paradigm,

	(&(paradigm)(filter))	=> complies (intersection)
	(|(paradigm)(filter))	=> doesn't comply (union)
	(!(paradigm))		=> doesn't comply (negation)
	(!(filter))		=> doesn't comply (negation)


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