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Re: filter preprocessing for performance improvement

Francis Swasey wrote:
On 3/2/07 12:51 PM, Eric Irrgang wrote:
I have a problem in that the first time someone performs a search for 'objectclass=*' after slapd is restarted, the server is really bogged down for a while. Once the search has completed once, this is not a problem. I assume that's due to the IDL cache. However, I currently have to keep the server unavailable after restarting slapd for upwards of half an hour while I do an 'objectclass=*' search the first time.
Does your server have an index for objectclass?

I was just today thinking about something along the lines of filter preprocessing (at the client level actually) that prevented say a contains search like (telephonenumber=*67530*) on an attribute that the directory has not indexed for substring searches (case of telephonenumber). Something at the server level would be better of course.

Jon Roberts