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Re: commit: ldap/tests/scripts test050-syncrepl-multimaster

Gavin Henry wrote:


But I'm confused. I thought we didn't use the multimaster name, but
MirrorMode instead?

I guess you haven't been following the syncrepl thread on -devel. After I figured out that the fix for ITS#4703 and #4623 was going to be half-way to multimaster anyway, it seemed silly to stop there. I spent this weekend coding up the remainder.

With the recent hubbub on the -software list about it I decided to keep quiet for a bit. Talking about it before it's done smacks of vaporware; it needs to be tested more before we start talking about it more broadly.

All that aside, it's working fine for regular syncrepl with both refreshOnly and refreshAndPersist. I don't really see delta-syncrepl supporting it; right now I just don't feel like writing the code to parse the accesslog to do the necessary conflict resolution. Of course, anyone else could take that on.

I'm still tinkering with it a bit. Not entirely happy with the whole rid vs sid / cookie concept. I'd like to take a different approach, but right now we're still backward compatible, so it will probably stay this way.

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