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Re: RE24

Aaron Richton wrote:
If Ando's comment that Solaris poll() isn't working yet is true, I'd like to see that work out. It wasn't clear to me whether he was implicating slapd or Solaris, though...is there a next step here? (set some autoconf to force poll() and make test, perhaps?)

No, there's no autoconf switch. You just need to make sure SLAP_X_DEVPOLL is defined when slapd/daemon.c is compiled, and then be prepared for sparks.

On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Howard Chu wrote:

OK, if no new issues are reported against HEAD in the next 24 hours then I think tomorrow we should kick out a new 2.4alpha.

Offhand it looks to me like syncrepl enhancements are the only thing missing for a Beta. Anyone else have a list of items they want to resolve for 2.4?

Note the wording - I didn't ask for items "you want resolved (by someone else)" - that list would be a lot longer. I'm polling for what any developers have in-progress that they would like to have included, or what they plan to get finished by then.

What I'd like resolved, but don't have time to get to yet:
  cn=config support for all the remaining backends and overlays that
	still need to be converted:
  back-dnssrv - this has no config options, so all it needs is
	an empty cf table to shut up the warning.
  back-meta - depends on many other things, primarily librewrite
  back-null - oddly enough, this has a config option...
  back-passwd - has 1 option
  back-perl - complicated because it can pass arbitrary options
	to the underlying perl module. We can still accomodate this
	using something like a perl- prefix or a olcDbPerlConfig:
	attribute, just like how we handle DB_CONFIG.
  back-relay - depends on librewrite / slapo-rwm
  back-shell - easy enough
  back-sql - haven't really looked

It looks like the majority of the overlays have been converted. rwm is still a problem. collect.c, dyngroup.c, retcode.c, seqmod.c are all trivial.

Manpages for the useful overlays that are missing them would be nice. I'm not so worried about collect.c or seqmod.c since they aren't actually meant to be used, they're only meant as coding examples.

On a side-note, when I was benchmarking the connection manager I found it useful to doctor up back-null to actually return an entry in response to search requests. If anyone else would find this useful, I can commit that patch.
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