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Search timeout?

I'm facing an issue: when a proxy is searching a remote server, and the
server does not respond in the sense that it happily accepts a search
request but never returns any type of response (a "silly" way of
reproducing this issue consists in sending a SIGSTOP to the remote
server: it accepts requests but does nothing), right now the proxy
honors the timelimit.  However, if the search is performed as the rootdn
of the proxy, it will last forever.  So I'd like to introduce the
concept of "search timeout".  This differs from the already existing
"timelimit" in that it is not a client-requested (or server-imposed)
limit on the overall duration of a search operation, but rather a
server-imposed limitation on how long the proxy can wait consecutively
for any sort of response from a remote server.  This should, optionally,
apply to the rootdn as well, since it's more about the sanity of the
connection than on the properties of the operation.  This type of
limitation has already been introduced for other operations, including
compare and all write operations, for a similar purpose.  Comments?