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Re: Modrdn replication

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 06:42 AM 1/20/2007, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
The proposed solution consists in explicitly modifying the necessary
(operational) attributes by means of an additional modify operation that
is attached to modrdn.  This may be occasionally useful regardless of
slurpd replication, which makes it more appealing for OpenLDAP
developers, so that the required effort wouldn't be just wasted by
slurpd dismissal.

It sounds like it would only ever be useful for modrdn operations, and would only ever be used by a slurpd-style replicator.

The additional modify could be wrapped into a control's value, and that control might be the "relax" control itself,

I suggest a new control for this new function.

so that the original
operation, augmented by the optional modify, would need to succeed as a
whole or abort, extending the capabilities of the "relax" control by
allowing extra modifications to be added, in order to preserve the
integrity of the object after the operation.

Comments? p.

The perceived problem isn't a problem with syncrepl, and I don't see a compelling general use case for this.

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