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RE: Notice of disconnection

Hi Pierangelo 

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> From: Pierangelo Masarati [mailto:ando@sys-net.it] 
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> Lars,
> right now HEAD code should allow you to experiment with (almost
> arbitrary) unsolicited responses.
> The client library right now returns correct unsolicited 
> messages (i.e. 
> extended response messages with msgid == 0) if requested 
> (i.e. if the msgid parameter to ldap_result(3) is either set 
> to LDAP_RES_ANY or LDAP_RES_UNSOLICITED); otherwise, it 
> directly handles the RFC 4511 "Notice of Disconnection" message.

Thanks, this seems like a good solution. It certainly will suffice for
my needs and the code corresponds better with comments and manual pages.

> The server allows you to craft a special overlay 
> (slapo-retcode(5)) which can:
> - return regular response messagess with msgid == 0
> - return extended response messages with a given OID and 
> optionally some extended response data
> - disconnect abruptly without notice.
> I haven't tested it with in-directory data yet, although the 
> code should be present.  I've only tested it with 
> retcode-item configuration directives like
> retcode-item   "cn=unsolicited" 0x00 unsolicited="0"
> retcode-item   "cn=unsolicited-extended" 0x00 
> unsolicited=""
> retcode-item   "cn=disconnect" 0x00 flags=disconnect
> See test038 for an example that sets up the slapo-retcode(5) 
> overlay.  
> To trigger the abnormal behavior, you can search the database 
> using the "offending" entry as search base, although any 
> operation affecting that DN should be fine.

Sounds great! I will try this out as soon as time permits!

Best regards,
Lars Hesel Christensen
Ericsson Denmark A/S, Telebit