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MSYS, Windows

Mostly off-topic, but may be of some interest...

I recently noticed while running the test suite on Windows with MSYS that the server processes were not getting killed cleanly, they were just being terminated abruptly. This tended to do weird things for subsequent tests, showing complaints about not being able to delete the testrun directory for a prior test because it wasn't empty. I found that one way to work around this problem was to invoke Cygwin's "sync" command after each test. (Added into tests/scripts/all.) In some cases it would cause a test to fail that would otherwise succeed when run on its own.

But the actual problem is that the MSYS DLL doesn't propagate signals to non-MSYS apps. And it turns out, I had actually noticed this back in 2003 and subsequently forgotten.

Anyway, I've written a patch for the MSYS DLL which you can find here

and I have a binary you can download here
cksum: 2315022199 326195 msys-1.0.dll.gz

It's based off a recent pull from their CVS, so roughly version 1.0.11. It also includes both of these patches

If you're doing a lot of work with OpenLDAP in a Windows environment this will definitely make life more tolerable.

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