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Privileged connections in back-ldap/back-meta

I'm facing the problem of having too many threads operating on the same privileged connections in back-ldap/back-meta, which seems to cause poor scalability. This mainly occurs because we want all operations to be performed as a privileged identity with proxyAuthz. For this purpose I plan to move privileged connections out of the connection AVL tree into ldapinfo_t, so that we save a search in the tree, and keep multiple instances of privileged connections in a LDAP_TAILQ structure of fixed maximum length to use them round-robin. Each type of privileged connection uses a dedicated list, so in our case we basically keep two lists: one for the privileged user and one for binds, which are now serialized into one privileged connection since all subsequent operations use proxyAuthz. A prototype is being tested, which doesn't work too bad (scalability did not dramatically improve yet, so there might be other bottlenecks, but at least some repeatable transient hangs disappeared). Comments?


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