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Re: Lifetime and Documenting of LDAP_DEPRECATED, outside ldap.h

At 06:35 AM 12/20/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>> Is there a date set that LDAP_DEPRECATED will not be supported anymore?


>> And should we (docs team) put something on Faq-O-Matic (devel section), or
>> in the new devel guide (once an outline/template has been put in place)
>> that presents the "Best Practice" for updating their code?

Personally, I think it would be better to focus the limited
documentation time/energy we have toward documenting
non-deprecated code (and discussing how to write clients
using non-deprecated code).

But as I've noted before, (code and documentation) developers
should work on what they need/want...  and, if its generally
useful, it will find its way into OpenLDAP Software (and/or
other materials provided by the Project).  That is, don't
let my (or other statements) stop anyone from working on
what they need/want.

-- Kurt