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Lifetime and Documenting of LDAP_DEPRECATED, outside ldap.h

Dear All,

We've been working on some LDAP client code for other Open Source projects
and most of them, as well as Linux Distros define LDAP_DEPRECATED to keep
the code working etc., as they haven't been updated for the new libs.

Is there a date set that LDAP_DEPRECATED will not be supported anymore?

And should we (docs team) put something on Faq-O-Matic (devel section), or
in the new devel guide (once an outline/template has been put in place)
that presents the "Best Practice" for updating their code?

Or should we leave it up to them to read over ldap.h, as Kurt put:

/* deprecated, please use foobar function */

in it.




Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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