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Re: New Admin Guide TOC

Gavin Henry wrote:
Dear all,

Just working on a proposal for a new TOC, which is basically a re-arranged
version of the existing one with new sections.

If you have had an idea/wish for a section for the guide, please let me
know and I'll add it to the proposal.

Anyone have an docs lying around unfinished they want to let me know about?

Also, could we allow the TOC to have 3 layers, instead of the current 2?

Just set DOC_TOC to 3 in admin.sdf.

This would help find things quickly e.g.

  Replication Strategies
      Delta Syncrepl
  Recommended Solutions



Lastly, is it easy to do an index linking back to over sections? Is that
just like "back-monitor: {{SECT Backends}}"

The current version of sdf doesn't have automatic index building for anything besides Framemaker. You'd have to write a few new perl subroutines to get that working. If you want the index to cover anything more than the section headers (which are already accumulated in the table of contents) then you'd need to define a new {{INDEX}} specifier and use it liberally in the documents.


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