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Re: [Please Authorise] Permission to use your glossary as a starting point for OpenLDAP docs addition?

At 07:53 AM 12/7/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>> How much do you want to tell?  That is, do you want to provide
>> more than an overview of LDAP?  That is, do you want to write
>> document discussing LDAP basics?
>Do you think this would benefit potential users?

Certainly a good document discussing LDAP basics might
benefit users of OpenLDAP Software....   if you want to write
something like this, go for it.  I'd suggest doing so as a
separate document.

>My original point was intended to do a wee paragraph for each item in the
>glossary, much like the previous LDAP link I sent and for example, what
>you would find in the glossary of "Programming Perl".


>What we have just now is really "Acronyms and Abbreviations". 

Yes.  I meant it only as a starting point, as it contains
many of the terms one might one to define in a glossary.
While some of the tables now in the Appendix A may be
useful (like references), not sure if they all are.

Presently I'm thinking that the General LDAP FAQ is a good
place to develop a glossary.  I also think it best to write it
from scratch.  Many of definitions you referenced are pretty bad.
I rather base most of the definitions from the LDAP Technical