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Re: Documentation Roadmap

Gavin, others:

You are more then welcomed to "jump on in".

A few additional comments below.

-- Kurt

At 02:28 AM 12/3/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>Dear All,
>After quite a few irc (#ldap) discussions with Howard and Quanah about the
>core docs, faq and man pages, I'd like to offer some thoughts on the way
>forward and offer my time to help (somewhat limited, as is everyone's).
>And, as I understand it from this years OpenLDAP conference, this is one
>of the devel teams goals anyway.
>My end goal for OpenLDAP, is to have documentation that equals or
>surpasses the OpenLDAP software and setup a doc team to maintain it.
>Q. So, who am I and why should you allow me to touch your docs?
>A. We've commercially supported OpenLDAP for quite a while now (on your
>list since 2003), with lots of deployments (every one of our clients), so
>we hope we know the product. We also love documentation (weird, I know),
>and most of our contributions to the community (docs and code) can be seen
>   http://www.suretecsystems.com/opensource/
>varing from Amanda docs to sitting on the "Fedora Documentation Steering
>Committee (FDSCo)"
>Firstly, I'd like to get a page started on the FAQ system to track what
>we've got, from all the man pages to guides etc. Then list whats
>missing/needs improving. Also, a section for a wish list, which I see as
>finishing/extenfing the Admin Guide, Starting a devel guide, and maybe a
>User guide (using the tools with examples?) and a Roadmap to try and set
>some dates (nothing like deadlines ;-) ).

Feel free to create an answer in the Developer's FAQ for this

>Task Summary to start with (not in order or importance):
>Man Pages:
>* Check what's missing and unfinished
>* Check for detail
>* Identify what could be pulled into the Admin Guide for more examples
>Admin Guide:
>* Pull in info regarding all the different Overlays, uses and examples
>* Pull in info regarding all the different backends, uses and examples
>* Finish monitoring section, based on "doc/guide/admin/monitoringslapd.sdf"
>* More discussion of Replication Scenarios, with complete examples
>* More in depth Quick start, maybe from install to replicated setup etc.
>* Extend Schema Section
>* Tuning section
>* Identify core good parts from FAQ, and bring into guide
>* Many more....
>Devel Guide:

But I do think it would be good to produce a developer's guide, but
in doc/guide/devel..

>* Turn doc/devel/* into a guide

Most everything in directory should stay as it is (maybe incorporated
in the guide as appendices or something.   Except utfconv.txt,
it, as the todo file says, should be incorporated into manual pages.

>* use servers/slapd/overlays/slapover.txt for info about all hooks/flow
>control of slapd etc.
>* Many more....
>User Guide:
>* Identify if one is needed

s/User/End User/ (e.g., not administrative user of OpenLDAP Software).

and, more importantly, whether we want to produce and maintain one.

- Kurt