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Re: chroot'd operation, userid

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

We've talked about this in the past - why don't we restructure things so that the user and group are read from the config, along with the listeners? I.e., defer dropping root privs until after the config has been read.

Personally, I prefer our current approach. Everything on the command line is done from the user/group/root of the parent, everything in the config file is done from the command line specified user/group/root.

Placing user/group/root in the config file makes it confused
as to what is processed under which user/group/root.  For
instance, in a custom backend with custom directives, would
these be processed before or after the change?

I was only talking about user and group and listeners, I would leave root on the command line. As for when they take effect, we'd require that they get issued before any backend or database directives. With back-config they would be in the global section and naturally execute before anything else.

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