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Syncrepl client API

I've implemented a client API for the LDAP Content Synchronization operation (RFC4533) which basically provides a clean and simple interface to using the operation to sync client's data based on the status of the producer. This is not only intended to provide replication capabilities, but also to implement client-side "persistent search"-like feature based on stock slapd (>= 2.3), without the need to revamp the persistent search IDs and code yet another overlay.

The API essentially consists in a data structure that contains data required to initiate/re-initiate the search operation, to keep track of the current state, plus a set of handlers that will be called based on the event that occurs: when a search entry, a search reference, an (already parsed) RFC4533 intermediate response or a search result done message are received, respectively. This frees the client from knowing any of the details of RFC4533, except for a loose knowledge of the type of events that can occur.

Its usage is quite simple: set up the structure, including an already initialized connection handler, call ldap_sync_init() specifying the mode (refreshOnly, not implemented yet, or refreshAndPersist). When using refreshOnly, that should be all; call ldap_sync_init repeatedly to refresh. When using refreshAndPersist, repeated calls to ldap_sync_poll(), with different timeout policies, are required to inquire for further responses; the provider or the consumer could decide to restart (or connection to the producer could be lost for some reason; in that case, simply call ldap_sync_init() again. Details about setting up the connection with appropriate data protection and authentication is left to the client, as it's out of the scope of syncrepl.

I would like to add this to libldap, as the customer that requested its implementation agreed in open sourcing it. I'll post an ITS about this soon. In the meanwhile, I'd like to hear general comments about the overall design.

One relevant point is that it strictly implements RFC4533, so delta syncrepl has not been even considered, as there's no specs for that. Initially, I thought a good place to test and use this API would have been to replace the bundled syncrepl consumer code in slapd, but the absence of delta syncrepl makes this option non feasible. This is a pity, because having it there would have meant lots of bug tracking and support from the community of syncrepl users.

Nonetheless, apart from my very limited knowledge of delta syncrepl implementation details, I don't think adding it to this public API would be a good idea, because it seems to imply a bit too much knowledge about its implementation details, like the contents of the sync cookie, and very precise and specific details about the implementation of the changelog database. Either those details are coded in a document like RFC4533 (and freeze), or I would leave that optimization to slapd's internals.


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