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Re: distproc and chaining

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
Now I am wondering what would be the best way to inject that original OperationRequest onto the target server. Currently I initialize a (fake) connection with connection_fake_init(), register a response_callback and feed the originalRequest (still undecoded) directly into the do_*() functions (e.g. in case the originalRequest is of LDAP_REQ_MODIFY I call do_modify() directly). Is this the correct way of doing things, or am I abusing things here in ways that they weren't intended for? Is there a better way to feed the original request into the target server?

BTW, is somebody else working on that code currently? I'd like try to avoid double/unneeded work.

in principle I should be working at that, but I haven't been able to dedicate any time to it essentially since the time I added distproc.c to back-ldap. Directly calling do_*() functions is what I planned, but I didn't work out yet whether it's just safe to call them that way or not. One issue I wanted to solve at that time was essentially procedural: how much are we supposed to stick with that expired ID? I know the original Author was looking for someone to pick up from where he left, and I had a couple of questions (and suggestions) I'd like to see in place.

By now, if you're doing anything you consider "decent", please feel free to commit it. It's not going to get into release any soon, so even things that do not immediately work may be acceptable. I'd be glad of reviewing it, and contribute as much as I can.


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