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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd add.c attr.c bconfig.c ctxcsn.c entry.c init.c operational.c proto-slap.h root_dse.c schema.c slap.h syncrepl.c value.c

> Heap profiling with valgrind/massif reconfirmed what we already knew
> when originally writing back-bdb: the actual data is only 50-60% of the
> volume, 40-50% is consumed by Attribute and berval structures to point
> to the data. Allocating them all one at a time imposes a significant
> overhead.

One thing I recently experienced is that (rdwr) mutexes behave quite
differently on different archs.  For example, on x86(_64) architectures
they're quite compact, while on Solaris (8) they imply mallocs and use a
fair amount of memory.  I designed an overlay with specialized partial
cache for indices of proxied data, and the memory occupation was 20% data
and 80% infrastructure, even though per giant chunk allocation of fixed
size structures was chosen from the beginning.


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