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Re: malloc/libumem

DB. Really fixing that requires a smarter malloc.

You've mentioned libumem as that "smarter malloc" along with portability concerns: are you using libumem as a drop-in, or are you seeing performance improvements based off umem_alloc(3MALLOC) use?

If it's a drop-in, I can't see anything bad about an autoconf check as Quanah suggested. Take performance if you can get it, take portability when you can't. Portable performance should help both cases. At the cost of seconds of compile-time decision making, I can't see the flip side of the coin. (Indeed, if this is the case, I have half a mind to LD_PRELOAD in my slapd init scripts today.)

If it's umem_alloc, I don't see that much bad, although it certainly could introduce new issues...but it'd probably be worth it in the long run, as (a) libumem becomes increasingly portable, assuming an active community there and/or (b) OpenLDAP's use of umem_alloc and friends gets field tested by the OpenLDAP community.