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Re: Finding out what replaces deprecated functions

Unforunately, our work to revise the manual pages has stalled.

Aside from the archives (I think most if not all the particular
cases have been discussed before), I suggest you look at <ldap.h>
for like, non-deprecated functions.

At 01:16 PM 8/9/2006, Gavin Henry wrote:
>Dear all,
>We're updating some LDAP code in another peice of software, how do we find
>out what replaces these functions:
>I can see the #if LDAP_DEPRECATED in ldap.h from 2.3.25. Where can I find
>out from what version onwards they became deprecated, so we can put the
>right error messages in the build, and say something like, "Need greater
>than OpenLDAP 2.2.xxx etc."  Obviously if we define LDAP_DEPRECATED=1 through
>the build environment, it's fine. But I want to update it.

I note that most of the non-deprecated alternatives to various
deprecated functions have existed since (and including)
OpenLDAP 2.0 days.  Of course, we have introduced some new
functions over the years.  If you rely on a new function,
you might want to check specifically for it.  Otherwise,
I'd just warn if the library is "too old".  (Personally,
I consider 2.2 "too old".)


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