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Re: Writing overlays

Davor Ocelic wrote:
Hello folks,

I was diving into OpenLDAP overlays code recently.
There's a lot of code in there even for seemingly simple
I was wondering if you have some examples of overlay code
lying around, that don't do anything, but just hook into
the structure, receive data and pass data as-is?

There are 19 different overlays in CVS right now. 12 of them are under 1000 lines of code, 2 of them are only 170 lines. If you can't find an example in CVS that you understand, you're just not trying.
That, or something like that, would be of great help for people
to create their own simple overlays, without having to learn
all ldap/openldap specifics and data structures first.

While overlays are relatively easy to write, there are no shortcuts, you have to understand the data structures.

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