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possible hdb cache/modrdn issue

One of my colleagues is writing an application and started to add some modrdn ops to the code today. He got confused (rightly so) at some entries disappearing, when modrdn from




wherein the changed entries would appear in slapcat output, but not in ldapsearch output. He also noted that modrdn to cn=e,dc=c,dc=b,dc=a was successful.

After playing around with test005 to make sure that the syntax was right, I started to suspect some sort of hdb caching issue. So we kicked the slapd in question, and sure enough, ldapsearch and slapcat matched following the restart.

I realize this isn't much to go on. For now, I'm just giving a heads up and requesting a general call of if anybody else has seen something like this. We'll try to base a repro off of test005 next week--I'm hopeful because this test database is on one of our simplest servers (no syncrepl, only scores of entries, etc). This is with 2.3.24.