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Re: Reference counts?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Just a loose idea...

Ownership often seems a bit hairy to keep track of, like ITS#4550
just now. I've been wondering if it would ease things up to add
reference counts to some objects, but I don't know just when it
would be useful...

Well, Ando added some MUSTBEFREED flags for *rs, I guess we need one for TEXT.

Maybe berval-like constant strings instead of rs->sr_text/sr_matched,
for example:
   struct ber_rval {
       ber_len_t  bv_len;
       ber_uint_t bv_refcount; /* or maybe just "unsigned" is enough */
       const char bv_val[1];
       /* add strlen() to allocated size, terminate with \0 */

Not sure how that would have prevented this particular bug. Ownership seems to be a different concept from reference counting.

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