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LDAP load testing (Was: Re: slapd lightweight dispatcher)

On Lun 15 mai 2006 12:34, Howard Chu wrote:
> (OK, it won't scale perfectly linearly because slapd only has one
> dispatcher thread, and at some point we will probably saturate the
> network interfaces on the server, or the gigabit switch. Also, we're
> struggling to get any more requests out of the clients. I really wish
> the SLAMD clients were written in C with libldap, this Java stuff is way
> too slow. It shouldn't take 26 clients to generate this workload; it
> should take at most 16 clients to keep the 16 server threads busy. Who
> ever thought that writing performance-critical code in Java was a good
> idea?)

You can try the tool I wrote in C to load LDAP servers :

Raphael Ouazana.