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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd slappasswd.c

> One could also consider the GNU ls dircolor model (--color=tty, the
> default): prettyprint to tty, straightforward output if redirected.

Good point.

> I might be biased by my extremely infrequent use of slappasswd, but I
> could also see an argument towards holding this to RE24 if it's not "-n"
> entirely optional style. I'm sure somebody out there is going to
> need to change a script that already chomps the newline, it'd be nice to
> not stick them with that on a bugfix release.

Right now, slappasswd does add a trailing '\n'; according to Howard's
change,  it doesn't if -g is used.  I'd rather let it add '\n' always, and
use -n to strip '\n', much like echo.  Regular users wouldn't notice it
anyway, as -g is not available in RE23 (yet?).


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