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Re: fe_op_bind_success()

Aaron Richton wrote:
What, if anything, are the differences between fe_op_bind_success() and an
(OpenLDAP 2.3 compatible) on_response that checks if (op->o_tag ==
LDAP_REQ_BIND && rs->sr_err == LDAP_SUCCESS)? Is it possible to have a
bind without a response? Are fe_* global only, or can they be
per-database? etc...
I guess the difference is pretty minimal. The reason for the complication is that historically, Bind Success was only sent by the frontend (to avoid certain race conditions) and so the usual callback flow didn't work there (because most callbacks were already popped off before returning back to the frontend). Since we're now using callbacks anyway, I think it's actually possible now to straighten this all out and treat Bind the same as the other operations, and have the backends send both Success and Fail results directly.

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