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Re: requesting clarification of slapd.conf-versus-slapd.d configuration

On Thu, 20 Apr 2006, Howard Chu wrote:

>What directives are you talking about getting repeated? Few of them
>tolerate being specified redundantly. But the whole point of the config
>directory is to show you the active configuration as slapd is using it.
>So, the better question for you is, how does slapd behave with repeated

Specifically, I have used an approach of separating out database
definitions into separate include files so that the main slapd.conf file
could have broader read permissions than the more sensitive parts that
include things like rootdn password hashes.  In a database specification I
may include separate security strenth factors than the global section

>As I noted above, the include entries are totally ignored. So most of
>the rest of this message is moot.

Yes, if the include entries are totally ignored then this is moot.


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