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Pending issues of concern for RE_23 & 2.3.21

There are a few ITS' left right now that leave some concern about the 2.3.21 release.


ITS#4439, which had checkins for back-bdb/cache.c (1.120) and back-bdb.h (1.141). This pulls the cache cleanup back in from a separate thread. In addition to UTA's problems, I've been noticing some odd issues recently on my production servers that are likely related to this.

ITS#4476, which may affect RE_23 as well as HEAD, as noted in the comments. Howard committed a patch for that last night. (servers/slapd/connection.c 1.357->1.358, daemon.c 1.379->1.380, proto-slap.h 1.669->1.670).

ITS#4477, which actually answers some questions I've seen in the past about large group membership adds failing. (servers/slapd/sl_malloc.c 1.37->1.39).

The one here I'm somewhat unsure of is ITS#4476. Thoughts on all this welcome. ;)


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