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heavy traffic proxy development?

When a proxy (back-ldap, back-meta) sustains heavy traffic using the
proxy's rootdn, a single connection has to do all the work.  Should we
consider using a (configurable) pool of connections, instead of just

The proxy itself could be reworked using a different approach: cache
connections, with an idle-timeout, based on the connection's DN; a pool
of connections could be used if necessary.  This would allow to use a
persistent (pool of) connection(s) for binds instead of creating one
each time.  Any time a bind succeeds for a DN that is not in the cache
yet, the LDAP* handler would be used for that identity; a new bind
handler would need to be created as soon as required.  If a pool of
connections is used for binds, the handler would just need to be removed
from the pool; pool balancing would determine if a new one has to be
created when required.

Connection pool balancing (anonymous, rootdn, bind; per-DN pool if
appropriate) could be based on a fixed size, or on some algorithm based
on the lc_refcnt of the active connections.

Repeated operations with the same set of identities would require to

1 connection for all binds (serialized; could be a pool of connections)
1 connection per identity (could be a pool of connections as well)

right now we create:

1 connection for each bind, which remains around for the duration of the
client connection.

So in a scenario where multiple connections occur always with the same
(small) set of identities the improvements should be apparent.


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