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tpool cleanup?

Playing with Hallvard's thread debugging code I came into something that
looks strange: slapd does tpool init/cleanup fine, while tools don't.
Looking at things in a bit more detail, what I found out is that both
slapd create the connection_pool (while tools clearly don't need it) but
then slapd first calls ldap_pvt_thread_pool_destroy() for it and then
calls ldap_int_thread_pool_shutdown() from inside
ldap_pvt_thread_destroy(); the tools, on the contrary, just call
ldap_int_thread_pool_shutdown() from inside ldap_pvt_thread_destroy(),
which results in an error condition.  I've solved it the way it's
committed, but I don't understand why ldap_int_thread_pool_shutdown()
doesn't just shutdown and destroy the connection_pool.


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