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Re: A clean way to detect if a ldap_pvt_thread_mutex is locked (best would be also to know who's the owner of the lock :)

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> I fear yet more few minor concurrency issues in libldap; I'd like to be
> able to assert if a mutex is locked from inside library functions,

Duh... please ignore my previous message.  I forgot you said _assert_.

Well, that one isn't hard.
define an ldap_thread_mutex_assert_owner() which is a no-op by default.


 #if <the specific thread implementation you are using>
  <inspect the mutex structure and do some magic by hand>

 Or more generally, use my thr_debug.c package and extend
 ldap_debug_thread_cond_t with the thread ID and info about whether the
 mutex is locked.  Get thread ID with ldap_pvt_thread_self(), compare
 with ldap_pvt_thread_equal().