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Re: LogTest macro

> Can I just grab the LogTest definition from HEAD
> #define LogTest(level) ( ( ldap_debug | ldap_syslog ) & (level) )
> and throw it haphazardly into 2.3.20's ldap_log.h and expect things to
> work? I'm trying to build Pierangelo's its#4429 fix but it uses this
> macro, and I'm scared of pasting it into RE23 without bringing the rest of
> new logging with it. (Obviously any logging introduced in the fix would be
> nice to keep too!)

sorry for using that; I didn't realize it's HEAD only.  However it should
work nicely as ldap_debug and ldap_syslog are defined in 2.3 as well.

Or better, you can just eliminate it; the only overhead is that snprintf()
occurs despite that debug level being set.


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