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Re: slapd quits under heavy load

Herb Hrowal wrote:
We're running Openldap 2.2.23 under Solaris 8 Generic_108528-26.
However, the section of code above was copied from OpenLDAP 2.3.17 and
is virtually identical to the same section in 2.2.23. We run on
various hardware configurations including V210, 280r, and 440 and they
all exhibit the same behaviour.

What is the bug in the kernel that you were trying to work around? Is
there a better way to address it? Does it even exist in the latest

Our work around for slapd quitting is to have a watchdog process
relaunch it whenever it quits, but we would like to move away from
that method of keeping it running.

Quoting code from anything other than the current release is pointless. There were connection manager fixes in 2.3.18 specifically. Upgrade to 2.3.20 and see how it behaves. Also, something to keep in mind, the piece of code that exposes the problem isn't always the piece of code responsible for the problem, and you'll miss the actual fix if you only focus on the symptoms.

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