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Re: LDAP Transactions


The last time I tried this many years ago the thing floundered on
the details of isolation. So you might watch out for that :
clients will want to see varying levels of isolation depending
on their goals. For example a client may want to see the
effects of their updates reflected in searches that they perform
within the same transaction. OTOH if one implements
serializable isolation semantics then I believe it is impossible
to avoid deadlocks and hence clients need to be taught
how to detect them, back off and re-try.

Follow this line of thought for a while and one (well,
at least myself and the folk that were working on the
project at the time) concludes that anyone needing
transactions should use a RDBMS and LDAP is
better off without them ;)

My draft is probably somewhere out there in the googlesphere
somewhere - I seem to remember it being similar to yours...
Ah, here it is :
The subsequent thread brings up some other points that
I'd since forgotten.