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LDAP Transactions

I've added a significantly revised draft-zeilenga-ldap-txn-xx.txt
to doc/drafts updating LDAP Transactions syntax and semantics.
I've replaced the "grouping of related operations" approach
with a more basic approach.

I've have the client side implementation pretty much ready
to commit and am just starting the server side implementation.

Integration into slapd(8), I hope, will be rather straight
forward, especially if some restrictions are placed upon
use of LDAP Transactions.  In particular, I'm thinking of
disallowing concurrent transactions on a single connection
and using a simple queue mechanism to hold updates until
settlement (commit/abort).

I note that transactions will require the backend to
offer DB transactions, hence the extension will be restricted
to back-bdb/hdb.  Of course, back-ldap/meta could be extended
to chain the whole extension.