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Re: ITS #4365 revisited

> So I'm seeing this new syncrepl_del_nonpresent trip on various
> modifications, and I'm seeing trouble on modifications that aren't the
> first one in a given connection. What next?

2.3.20--I'm assuming syncrepl.c 1.250 ("filter2bv can't de-normalize
UUIDs, must do it explicitly for back-ldap in test045")--appears to have
fixed this. Thanks Howard (and really all of you, but Howard got that

If anybody out there can spare a minute to clue me in on what was
happening, what triggered it (why was I the only person seeing this?),
what things to smell around if this regresses, or anything else that might
be relevant, I'd really appreciate it. I'm amazed that I was closer than
I'd expect (see my Jan 26 message that I wanted to Debug() the UUIDs) but
at the same time I was grossly off (my buffer had syncprov.c, not
syncrepl.c). Just trying to get some data so I might have some hope of not
being grossly off next time...