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OpenLDAP 2.4 plans?

So in addition to the roadmap:

OpenLDAP 2.4 (~1Q2006)
   Functional enhancements and improved scalability:

       * Adaptive Cache Tuning
       * Built-in SASL/EXTERNAL support
       * Internationalization/Localization
       * Updated slapd dispatcher
       * LDAPv3 extensions:
             o LDAP Chaining Operation support
             o LDAP Dynanmic Objects
             o LDAP Don't Use Copy Control support
             o LDAP Transaction support
             o LDAP Turn Operation for SyncRepl

Here's a short list of some additional stuff

1) Drop back-ldbm as a database
2) Use the new refactored replication work Pierangelo did
3) Make all backends and overlays work with cn=config
4) cn=config moves to supported instead of expermimental
5) syncrepl updated to do only Diff-modifies (basically delta-syncrepl, but not requiring that setup, less complex, and doesn't need to be serialized)

Just in case there isn't a defined project plan somewhere, I thought this might be useful for discussion pre-fork. ;)


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