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Re: Disabling schema checking in slapadd

At 10:32 AM 1/8/2006, Luke Howard wrote:
>>This won't allow required attributes to be missing.
>>I would suggest tombstones have objectClass
>>        tombstone
>>and this allow/require those few attributes not stripped.
>But would prefer not to change structural object class so that
>tombstones can be reanimated...

How do you reanimate if you deleted many of the attributes?

>Also, because the structural
>object class cannot be changed it is difficult to do this

See the 'glue' object implementation.

>Or are you suggesting make tombstone a special-cased auxiliary
>class handled by slapd?

No.  I was thinking that tombstones could be implemented
much the way glue objects are implemented.

I note I don't have much problem with adding a no-schemachecking
option to slapadd, as this might also be useful in reloading
of partial (especially fractional) replicas from their slapcat