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Re: leaks in syncprov?

While it's something we likely should consider for a future
2.3.x patch release, I rather defer to one after .16.

At 12:32 PM 1/6/2006, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> I'm seeing a bit of leaks in syncprov running under valgrind.  I'll try to
>> fix them, but I'm getting a bit lost.  In case, I'll post the report.  To
>> reproduce, run test017 with slapd under valgrind.
>I think I've fixed all the leaks I was seeing in syncrepl, and most of
>those I was seeing in syncprov.  Some of them were one-timer (no resource
>release at shutdown), others were not.  The most significant that seems to
>remain right now is the Operation + other allocated in response to
>persistent syncreplications; at the end of test018 two remain allocated,
>corresponding to the two times the persistent request was sent to the
>producer (the consumer was stopped once during the test).  So it seems
>that any time a persistent request occurs, data related to it is never
>freed.  I haven't been able to design an appropriate fix yet.
>If you consider those fixes worth getting into re23 any soon, I think I'll
>need to port them myself, because they're interspersed with other fixes,
>and it's not easy to point out specific file revisions (one of the
>disadvantages of working off-line during holidays...).  In any case I
>don't think they're critical, as they do not scale with operations, but
>rather with connection failures, which are supposed to be unlikely events.
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