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Re: RFC2589 implementation

I've committed a revised version of the patch.  Following your advice,
I've reworked stuff so that now, along with the entryTtl, a new
operational attr entryExpireTimestamp is added, which contains the
absolute expiration time of the object.  Then, a single task
periodically watches for expired entries and cleans them up.  Dynamic
objects are saved across server shutdowns, and expired ones are purged
at restart.  Replication occurs as if they were regular static objects,
so it's the master that takes care of dynamic objects lifespan, and no
out-of-sync occurs (apart from other reasons of out-of-sync).

Replication is known to work with slurpd, following the advices in the
man page, and with syncrepl when schemacheck is off.  I haven't yet
considered issues related to so-called multimaster, and I'm not any

Few tweaks are needed to further enable full manageDIT support, like
turning a static into a dynamic object and viceversa (in violation of
rfc 2589 but in the spirit of the manageDIT control); the code is there,
but there's an issue about the existence of subordinates which (as far
as I can tell) cannot be solved without transactions.

Please test and report.


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