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A question in sync mode


    I am using OpenLdap 2.3.14, with sync mode i meet a question:

after the provider and consumer are synced, a client send a modify
message to the master, the master updated quickly, but not the consumer
until next message received by provider. It seems the provider 'cached'
an operation every time. The sequence is like:

	client		provider	consumer
	  ---- modify 1 ---->
			   do modify
	  <----- OK 1 -------
          ---- any msg 2 --->
	  <--- result 2 -----
			   ---- modify 1--->

Should the provider modify the consumer as soon as possible ??

I traced slapd. As an overlay, in function 'syncprov_qresp', the
provider insert a task(syncprov_qtask) in the runtime list(slapd_rq),
which will run after being scheduled. The schedule position is in
function 'slapd_daemon_task' (the main loop of slapd), but the loop will
be blocked(for the 'select' function is without a timeout) until next
I add a timeout value to the 'select', and the provider can refresh the
consumer soon. But it seems not a good way, is there solution for this
question ?  Thanks.

-- Regards. Zhang Zhi Wei