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Re: rs_modlist for modRDN

On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 19:27 +1100, Luke Howard wrote:
> >I have no objection, as those structures are only intended to provide a
> >clear interface between frontend and backends (and now overlays) for
> >internal purposes and do not need to strictly stick with the
> >specifications for a given op.  Make sure the interface is clean enough
> >(e.g. who's in charge to free the modlist if it's not null).
> OK, committed to HEAD. The caller should free the modlist, eg.
> 	rs->sr_err = slap_modrdn2mods(op, rs);
> 	rs->sr_err = op->o_bd->be_modrdn(op, rs);
> 	slap_mods_free(op->orr_modlist, 1);
> This has proved useful for us for two things:
> (a) updating replication metadata on rename
> (b) updating tombstone-related attributes when tombstoning
> Overlays can access orr_modlist directly; SLAPI plugins can get at it

Two comments:

1) test006 is failing on a rename issue; could it be related?
2) you're still doing RDN decomposition in the backend side of modrdn
essentially for logging purposes; I guess this could be avoided, right?


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