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Tracking of regressions...

In some cases it may be worth providing some regression tracking
mechanism.  I'm thinking of a specific test section where isolated bugs
are listed (typically by ITS) with a test script that reproduces the
issue condition.  This would be desirable because recently we had a
couple of regression issues (ITS#4257 as a re-surfacing of ITS#4077, my
fault; ITS#4259) which would have already been detected if a test were
dedicated to their replay.  In some cases, I try to augment existing
tests with issues resulting from bug fixing (recently, for example, in
test006 for exact and regex value match ACLs).  Another example is (the
yet unfixed) ITS#4184: the user reported a very detailed yet simple test
case that allows to reproduce the lock condition very easily; I'd love
to turn that issue report into a test (and I'm going to).

Of course the execution of those tests should be optional; the idea is
that it's fine if they pass in a reasonable number of combinations of
configurations and systems before any software is released, left to
voluntary evaluation (by ourselves, with feedback from any user welcome
as usual).



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